Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is a series of solutions provided through an evaluatory process, to people suffering from laryngeal trauma. Solutions are customized based on the type of issue being faced such as hoarseness of voice, broken vocal flow, inability to pitch  and/or increase vocal volume, vocal exhaustion, etc. This tailor-made regimen will help with correction of vocal behaviour and speech patterns so as to re-establish good vocal health, in a manner relevant to you.
This type of therapy can help circumvent a surgery in many cases and can also aid with the recovery and rediscovery of your lost voice.

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Laryngeal Palpation

Laryngeal palpation is one of the primary evaluatory procedures done as part of voice therapy and is a physical examination performed with the hands in the laryngeal region of the neck in order to identify muscular tension which might restrict effective usage of the voice. 
Following this, a routine comprising a set of relaxation exercises and warm-up exercises will be designed to meet your needs.


INR 2,200/-