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We have the good fortune of receiving the guidance and mentorship of renowned individuals from the music education industry. 


Sridhar Ranganathan
Founder & CEO, Shankar Mahadevan Academy and CloodOn

Sridhar is the founder and CEO of Shankar Mahadevan Academy, an online music school for Indian music training which has over 13000 students in 72 countries and many schools in India. CloodOn's online education platform has connected many people across the world in their quest to hone their singing skills.He is a founding trustee of Meghshala, a program in India that empowers teachers with an imaginative curriculum. Sridhar is a serial entrepreneur with more than 21 years of experience in software and wireless technology. His first venture, Online Anywhere, was sold to Yahoo! Inc., delivering a 40 fold return for investors. He contributed in key roles at Yahoo!, first as VP of Yahoo!’s mobile data business where he ran worldwide P & L, and later, as COO of Yahoo!’s Bangalore software development center. Sridhar has an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to many who benefit from his knowledge and experience.

   Eric Arceneaux  
Founder, Aapproach & Creator of The AApproach Vocal Training Method

“Most people who struggle with singing do not lack talent or ability. The problem is that the muscles which should be working to support the voice have atrophied, leaving the neck, jaw, and tongue muscles to do a job that they are not properly equipped to do - resulting in strain and tightness. The key is not necessarily to ‘teach someone to sing’, but rather to rehabilitate the weak musculature" quotes Eric Arceneaux who is a well known, thoroughly sought-after vocal coach from the USA best known for his remarkable YouTube videos on vocal techniques and how to use them to improve your voice. His approach towards simplifying voice related topics is one of the reasons for his vast social media following. He has trained celebrated singers like Bryan Terrell Clark (Marvin Gaye in Broadway’s “Motown:The Musical”), David Correy (X-Factor Finalist/ FIFA World Cup Song), Garret Rapp (Lead vocalist for The Color Morale), and Nayah Damasen.
A world renowned vocal coach, breathwork specialist, and recording artist, Eric Arceneaux has developed a reputation for transforming and saving voices. Vox Coach's approach to training voices is hugely inspired by his methods. 

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