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Children's Voice Therapy
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Voice Therapy For Children

Voice therapy is a series of solutions provided through an evaluatory process, to children suffering from laryngeal trauma and other speech and vocalization issues. The repaorts provided by doctors will be used as part of the evaluatory process to assess the condition of the child and devise a suitable therapeutic routine Solutions are customized based on the type of issue faced. The areas covered are:

  • hoarseness

  • broken vocal flow

  • inability to pitch and/or increase vocal volume

  • issues with vocal exhaustion

  • speech related issues such as stammering, stuttering, clip tongue

  • puberphonia for children who are at puberty and uncomfortable with the vocal changes taking place in their bodies, etc. 


A tailor-made set of 4 sessions will be made ready for the child after the first consultation + therapy session.

Book a consultation + first session with us to help you with your journey of recovery. 

Fee INR 2,200/-
Consultation + therapy


"I’m a classical dance teacher and due to long hours spent in teaching and overuse of my voice I developed nodules and was advised voice rest. After medication and rest the smallest strain would still make it worse. That’s when I started voice therapy with VOXCOACH ,Divya and just after the first session I could find visible improvement. Divya explained in detail (with visual aid )about my problem and went on to teach me appropriate exercises over the next four weeks. By the end of my sessions, my voice was completely back to normal! She was thorough, very professional and maintained an excel sheet for the exercises and was available for clearing any doubts I had during the week. Thank you for your guidance!"

Aishwarya Ananth, Classical Dancer & Teacher

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