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Voice artists seek help with understanding and applying professional vocal techniques (also known as vocal warm up), and there are few schools that cater solely to vocal techniques training.Therefore, our very own vocal techniques coursework has been designed for you, to meet this requirement. We understand the challenges faced by people who want to fine tune and strengthen their voices but don't know where to go. So, here we are!


Divya R. T.


Divya R.T. is the Founder and Director of VOXCOACH and a sought-after voice coach in Bangalore. As a child, she was trained in Carnatic music, and re-pursued her passion for singing, after a long break. Inability to find centers that solely catered to voice training inspired her to research the topic online. She practised by herself for years, and fortunately with her science background and history of teaching chemistry, she was able to piece together the science behind vocal techniques training. She is a versatile singer and artist.

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Vocal Coach, Workshop Facilitator & Artist

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