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Professional Vocal Techniques for Singers & Other Professionals

Vox Coach is a venture that dedicates itself to professional voice training of any level. Training is one-on-one and either online or offline. For singers, it can be aligned to songs of different languages & genres. We will TRAIN you in VOCAL WARM UP EXERCISES or VOCAL TECHNIQUES required for professional use of the voice. These exercises are simple yet effective and improve muscle memory of those muscles that help with sound production by the human body. You will discover how they help with uncovering capabilities of your VOICE that you would've never guessed existed! You will develop the confidence to attempt feats with your voice that you wouldn't have dared to in the past. So, hop on-board!

Course Highlights

Pro Vocal Techniques for Singers

Progressive modules of Professional Vocal Techniques for singers and other professionals, that comprise breathing exercises, tongue & larynx exercises, diaphragm activation, resonance, anatomy, health care & voice care, etc.

Peaking for Professional Singers

Short-term, targeted professional vocal technique training for performances, recordings, speeches, etc; a completely customized approach based on the requirements.

Crash Course in Vocal Techniques

Crash course comprising basic foundational vocal techniques/exercises required for singing & in general, professional use of the voice; training includes an amalgamation of exercises from Pro Vocal Techniques modules.

By-the-session Coaching

Coaching will be delivered by the session and students/clients will be guided on priority on the area that needs to be addressed first, in order to meet their voice related goals. Offered as beginner's and intermediate level areas, based on complexity.

Targeted Short Term Training

Specifically focuses on select, target areas of voice such as breath control, volume, tonal clarity, etc.; completely tailor-made for a particular song, genre or voice related task and the training is aligned to meet associated goals.

Divya's Note

I have developed empathy, and understood emotions like joy and pain in a deeper fashion after pursuing singing. Earlier emotions would come and go within seconds, never calling for any reflection. A well written, composed and sung song can leave such a lasting impact on one's soul that you will not be able to erase the emotions it invoked in you. Take a minute to wonder if you've had any such experience. Do you notice that often, we feel for other people simply because we have been in situations of similar nature? Such experiences explained in a song are ten times stronger than in speech.

This is the reason I thought of starting my own school; to create circumstances for my students through music, so that they understand themselves and life around them in a better manner. Singing made me reason with happenings around me and also became my reason for happiness, positivity, confidence, exhileration and inspecting what is truly of meaning to me. Also, I love paying it forward. I met some really good people along the way who, in pieces, made me who I am. So, I hope to be one of those people to my students. I absolutely love and enjoy the journey I am on, having made a habit of vocal warm up techniques and I want to take my students on that journey. I believe that they should either be as good as me at singing or better, and they can get there.

Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Simple exercises that train muscles in the body that help with sound production & thereby, effortless singing and in general, use of voice.

Vocal Techniques

Intricate manner in which vocal warm up exercises should be executed, and are used so as to benefit singers and other aspirants.

Voice Science

Study of the science behind the process of voice generation by the human body.

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