INR 6500

Course duration
5 day(s)
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This is a short course on professional vocal technqiues for singing, and touches upon the application of these techniques to improve the rendition output.


Course Format

Overall Duration: 5 classes of 60 min each


To lay the foundation & not as a part of the main syllabus:

Mention of and quick run through of scales, pitch, octave, rhythm, tempo



1. Muscle relaxation techniques

2. Breathing techniques

3. Diaphragm Activation Exercises 

4. Tongue & Palate Exercises

5. Resonance Techniques

6. Sound Exercises

7. Vocal Register Transition

Classess will be conducted at the rate of 1 session per week.

No Assessments. 

*Certificate of Participation will be provided.




To make available professional vocal technique training to singers across the country so as to enable them to become better singers through customized coaching.

  • Basic sense of rhythm
  • Basic sense of tempo
  • Basic sense of pitch
  • Good ear training capacity
  • Prior singing training (optional)
Vocal Ease Enablement during Speech and Singing
  • Breathing & Breath Control
  • Basic Techniques for Reduction of Vocal Strain
  • Anatomy, Health Care & Voice Care
  • Diction
Vocal Projection & Register Switches
  • Vocal Resonance & Projection
  • Register Switch Techniques

Enablement to discover various methods of:

  • reducing vocal strain
  • improving tonal clarity & breath control while singin
  • use of pharynx for vocal resonance
  • understanding and applying vocal projection
  • smoothly transitioning between vocal registers