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Do I have to be a trained singer to be eligible for this training?

You have to possess basic singing abilities and knowledge of pitch, rhythm, tempo, etc. to be able to train with us, as this is professional training to improve already existent singing capabilities. If you possess these basic skills, then you might fulfill our eligibility criteria even without prior training. This also applies to speech at any skill level. Please go through the courses we offer to get a better understanding and fill in requisite details in the enrollment form which also requires you to share an audio clip of yourself singing. We will get back to you with the verdict as soon as possible.

Does VOXCOACH offer training only for singing?

We offer voice training for both singing and speech. Visit courses to know more.

Is VOXCOACH training only offered for western singing style?

No. We offer vocal techniques training to anybody who meets the singing criteria for our courses, in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and other languages

Will vocal techniques training help me sing different styles and in different languages?

Yes. Vocal techniques are exercises that enhance muscle memory of those muscles that help with sound production. Once you've mastered the art of using them correctly, you will be able to apply them to different languages and genres of singing.

Will certificates be provided upon course completion?

Some certificate courses like Beginner's & Advanced Level courses come with a certificate of completion and grade assigned by VOXCOACH whereas some others like Crash Course in Vocal Techniques come with a certificate of participation. Those like Targeted Short-term Training are not full-fledged courses per se and therefore, students will be provided certificates, on request.

Do you offer online training?

Yes. Classes are conducted live & online. Therefore, classes will commence once you meet our eligibility criteria by going through our courses and filling in requisite details in the enrollment form. You will be able to select available time slots in mutual decision with the coach, for weekly classes and undergo training from your city, from the comfort of your home or office.

Will we have access to course content after completion of the course?

Once enrolled as a student, you will have access to all course content for that particular course for 90 days after purchase.

Do we get to choose the time slots that are convenient to us?

Yes. For any of the courses (once the enrollment criteria is met wherever it applies), before making the payment you will get to choose suitable time slots. 

How long does it take to start experiencing results of this training?

When the vocal exercises or techniques are executed correctly, effects are felt almost immediately. However, consistent practise from the learner end is imperative for long-lasting effects and muscle memory.

Will vocal output for speech include volume and tone flexibility?

Yes; such training formats are customized according to the client's needs and will deliver required outcomes which include volume and tone flexibility amongst outher outcomes.

Will children & adults get effective results from vocal trauma therapy such as vocal nodules if we directly book the 4 sessions package?

Yes, the first of 4 sessions will be the consultation + therapy session where we will devise the framework for the entire duration, that will be directed at bringing about the desired outcome.


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