Vox Coach Facilitators

Divya R.T.

Divya R.T. is the Founder and Director of VOXCOACH. As a child, she was trained in Carnatic music, and re-pursued her passion for singing, after a long break. Inability to find centres that solely catered to voice training inspired her to research the topic online. She practised by herself for years, and fortunately with her science background and history of teaching chemistry at Mount Carmel College, she was able to piece together the science behind vocal techniques training. Her leadership qualities and the ability to successfully captivate an audience, are admirable.

Madhura Gowda

Madhura Gowda is a VOXCOACH certified vocal trainer for singing & voice. She is trained in Hindustani and Carnatic classical music styles. Primarily a Kannada singer, she not only renders melodies, aalap & even rap but also proficiently handles offline and online workshops. Her strong subject knowledge & good communication skills are an asset to the brand. She officially goes by the name EmmJee and is a part of the hip hop crew, EmmJee and Gubbi.

Karthik Sundar Gubbi

Karthik Sundar Gubbi better known by his stage name "Gubbi" is a VOXCOACH certified vocal trainer for singing & voice, and is a multilingual rapper who predominantly raps in Kannada and English. With almost a decade's worth of experience in the performance field, he understands the value of a trained voice. His students love him for his patience and his endearing & witty personality. He is a member of the hip hop crew, EmmJee and Gubbi.