Different individuals require vocal training at different levels to help them achieve their goals with singing. Therefore, we offer tailor-made vocal techniques I and vocal techniques II modules in progressive levels, that will trigger the transformation of an amateur singer with basic singing knowledge, into one equipped with all the know-how to be able to perform to an audience!
A crash course in basics of vocal techniques for singing, and peaking strategies for professionals are also in our offerings.

We also offer enhancement classes for those who face difficulties catching up with the content of their classes, and make them as enjoyable as the regular classes.

Classes will be conducted online through a web conferencing tool, or offline. 

You will have to:
1. be 8 years old or above

2. meet enrollment criteria in the enrollment form below so as to be positioned in a level/module


Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Simple exercises that train muscles in the body that help with sound production & thereby, effortless singing.

Vocal Techniques

Intricate manner in which vocal warm up exercises are used so as to benefit the singer.

Voice Science

Study of the process of sound production by the human body.

Complements Conventional Training

You can train in vocal techniques alongside Hindustani. Carnatic, Western Classical, Light Singing and other styles based on your comfort level and teachers' advice.

Train for Any Genre

Customized training provided for chosen genres, based on voice and singing prowess/level.

Train for Any Language

Customized training provided for any language, based on voice and singing prowess/level.

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