About Voice and Sound

Voice science is a subject that deals with sound production and the nuances of voice instruction which are strongly supported by muscle memory of specific muscles of the human body.
Some points to remember about voice and sound production:

  • Sound is important to voice. Voice without the right sound could be noise!
  • Breath leads to sound generation
  • Vocal chords work with breath & assist in sound generation
  • Specific muscles work towards sound production; they can be trained to excel at their job.
It is also important to understand that that our tongue, teeth and lips help in formation of words.

Vox Coach adopts a pedagogical approach to customised voice training for singing. Human physiology and artistic aspects of singing such as modulation, feel, etc. are brought together which make this training a holistic vocal training for singers.

Below is a picture showcasing those parts that contribute to sound production, such as oropharynx, nasopharynx, vocal folds, trachea, etc.